A Community Bio Lab. Learn Biology. Work on Projects.
Get Involved

BioBlaze provides STEM K-12 outreach, biotech workshops for adults, ongoing global and local community projects, and a space for grassroots innovation in science for people to work on their own projects. At BioBlaze, we strive to democratize science by providing a coworking lab space and shared equipment to promote open-source collaboration among people with diverse knowledge and backgrounds.

The Lab

The lab possesses all of the equipment that you would expect to see in a university lab. There are PCR machines, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, microscopes, incubators, shakers, fridge and freezer space, a gel doc, a laminar flow cabinet, a fume hood, a lab oven, an autoclave, a pipetting robot (OT-2), a fluorescence detector, glassware, pipettes, scales, and a variety of other gizmos and doohickeys.

Who's at the Lab?

BioBlaze houses a unique community of members that come to the lab for a variety of reasons. Some members are there to work on reasearch projects, some members are starting their own companies, and other members are just looking to learn new skills.

Additionally, membership is well-represented by just about every age group and education level you could imagine. We have high schoolers, college students, scientists, doctors, professionals, and hobbyists in the lab.